Same Difference

FRIENDLY HEADS UP: The topic covered today can be a touchy one, if the idea/on going argument and debate about same-sex marriages and the topic overall are not up your alley, feel free to move along. 🙂

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”

-Genesis 1:27

There’s something I’ve come to notice that the world has constantly fought upon, spent wars over, riots and debates. It’s torn families apart, it’s started bloody wars, it’s ripped friend from friend, turned brother on brother, and it slips around like a shadow, it’s there, people see it, people comment on it, people step over it, but no matter how we look at it, it seems it is always there.




noun; the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.”
But the kind of equality I’m going over today isn’t the difference between colors, it’s more about rights, about beliefs, lifestyles, the way we are.
In worlds before and in lifetimes beyond, being different was both good and bad. When you look back to times like the Renaissance, people wanted to be different, they wanted change. When you look to periods like the Religious Wars or even now, where people are constantly at odds and ends over being different or fitting in, we’re always looking at it in different ways, because the thing is, no matter what you do, people will never see eye to eye, they will always look upon things in a different perspective.
But that doesn’t mean we can’t understand each other now, does it?
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What is different? What is normal? Who decides? History? Tradition? We don’t know, we simply follow what we’ve been told all our lives. But the great thing is that nowadays, people are okay with being different, people see it as something new and they accept it with willing arms.
Perhaps before, and even still, people weren’t okay with the idea of liking someone the same as you. But why not? You fall in love or become friends with people because you have things in common, because you can relate, you get along, so why does it matter that the thing you have in common is gender? Why is the fact that someone likes someone of the same sex matter?
“It’s wrong,” they say, “It’s weird” they mutter.
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You know what, it is different. But no one ever said different was bad.

I think it is perfectly okay to have same sex marriages.

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We Were Dreamers

“Then a dream once reminded him.”

There are a lot of things that make a great story.

The plot, the writing, grammar, imagery, creativity, all kinds of things, and each one has to carry their own weight. But there’s one more thing that belongs in nearly every story, there’s always one or more. Characters. And when you have your classic tale of good vs. bad, what is the story without the most important piece?

The villain. The antagonist.

The one who puts the good to your good guy and the nightmares and monsters under your bed. The bad guy in every story, movie, video game, whatever you’d like to name, is a key character. I for one, really, really appreciate the art of creating a great antagonist. They are the ones that make the hero who they are, the one that forces them to rise up to unbeatable lengths so that they can conquer, they make the hero a hero. GIF-FROLLO.gif (476×268)

Frollo – Hunchback of Notre Dame

tumblr_mazweyStUc1qaqwkmo1_500.gif (500×282)

Dr. Oliver Thredson – AHS: Asylum

dkr-banefadeaway.gif (500×266)

Bane – Batman Trilogy

tumblr_inline_n6m04k8uav1sy66lj.gif (500×208)

Snape -Harry Potter

tumblr_inline_mfvp64ZlWy1rt2432.gif (500×277)

Hannibal Lector – Hannibal Series

tumblr_n0vm3xxo8y1trav8xo1_500.gif (500×263)

Scar – Lion King

giphy.gif (400×374)

The Joker – Batman

Some of the baddest baddies out there for sure, and the list goes on and on and on because there are endless heroes and endless villains in this world. But what I really want people to understand and realize is the importance and the depth of these characters.

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Rain, rain, rain


If you really think about it, it’s always there, isn’t it? Rain, one word, four letters, an infinite amount of beliefs and memories and thoughts that follow it. When you say rain, people say what comes to mind. Sure, there are plenty of general ideas that people with think, cliché, over used, and common. But what I want us all to understand, is that no idea is alike, due to the fact that everyone remembers the rain and the words or thoughts or pictures that come to mind with it DIFFERENTLY.

For some, rain brings sadness. It’s our silent companion, our mocker, our splash of reality to the idea that rain is sad.

   It’s cold and heartless and painful. it hides our tears and our greatest fears, and forces us to understand what has happened, and we just feel…lonely.

We shut our eyes and sob our hearts out, and the sky cries along with us. It’s cold, and we’re ever so alone. My mom used to say that whenever it rained really, really hard, it was God crying.

BUT rain is also our companion, our friend, and our witness to our happiest moments. It’s there at our backs when we rise from our deepest falls. It washes away all our pains and frees us. The rain clears the skies and stands before us, proud and thundering as we raise our fists and cheer as loud as we can. Rain is awesome.

Rain is rain. We should take it as it is and love every second of it, good or bad. The rain holds in it all these different memories that we would never have without it, do all we can do is keep on smiling every time those clouds roll in.

Besides, there’s always a nice rainbow waiting for us at the end. 🙂

The nine types of guys you’ll fall in love with

In life, there are many different things that you’ll experience, all kinds of things. You’ll experience hate, anger, sadness, happiness, confusion, elation, the list will go on and on. But there is one thing that no matter how much you deny it, shake your head, or lock it up and toss it into a corner, you will feel it.

And that, my dear friends, is love.

Fierce, unforgiving, warm, annoying, gentle, and impossible to ever understand and comprehend, love is the thing that makes the world go round.

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Why do I do this to myself

“The greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves.”

– Oedipus Rex 

I don’t like crying in public, not many people do. But no matter what, if a movie, book, show, or song is sad to me, I will cry. I’m a really emoitonal, relatable person like that. If it’s sad and pulls at my heart strings, I will sit there, my lips will tremble, and then I’ll start to cry. But if there’s one thing that gets me everytime, its unrequited love.

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