Smiles Are Worth While

Something very precious to both ourselves and to this world is that little thing we often take for granted. We do it without realizing it, we think but we don’t realize that meaning behind it, the amazingness of the idea of what it is we are doing.

The action itself is universal all around the world no matter where you go. You don’t need to know a different language or how to say something right, all it takes is a little twitch of your muscles and bam.

What is this amazing, life changing thing?

Why, it’s a smile of course.

91018-minion-slowly-smiling-gif-sudd-xmrd.gif (500×271)

Smiling is such a huge part of our lives. It conveys messages, feelings, hidden thoughts and wishes, secrets, smiles express our greatest joys to our bravest triumphs. They help show our emotions and our feelings, and they us express ourselves in a way unlike any other.

Can you imagine laughter without a smile?

Scrubs_shrug_smile-230x173.gif (230×173)

It would be that bad.

The thing is, laughter is such an important part of our lives. I for one think it is extremely vital to the survival of our kind and of getting through life. Without a good laugh, I don’t know where half of us would be in life.

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Smile are precious. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to express happiness or joy. Without smiles, the world would be this dark, dreary place full of frowns and scowls and glares and crying, and it doesn’t exactly sound like the kind of world we want to live in.

Smiles are a gift. All it takes is one little upturn of our lips and there they are, brighter and happier than anything you could have imagined. It’s because we can smile that we can laugh, and it’s because of those things that we can experience feelings like happiness and joy, and overall mirth.

So laugh a little! It’s okay. 🙂

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7 Types of Test Takers

Throughout our lives, there are many challenges that we must face. Some are simple problems, some huge, towering hurdles. But one challenge that we all at some point must have faced is a universal problem to people across the globe.


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The Blood Son

No matter how hard we try, we’re always somehow bound to our pasts, to our origins.

It seems that no matter what we do, there will always be that shadow―that lingering bit of who we were, or where we came from, that will follow us no matter where we go. Our bloodlines, our pasts, our family ties, they’re things that can’t easily be erased.

But they’re things that help make our particular character today who he is.

tumblr_mkhhnfw1cr1rsltmxo2_250.png (245×296)

Damian Wayne


Robin (IV) Continue reading

You (And) I

You (and) I


My dear, my love, the walls are tumbling d




around us. But we, are







                                                                                                                    g in love.

I fear–I’m afraidㅡof a world without you, my dear, my love. The fires are burning, in the our world, in our hearts, in our eyesㅡand we are falling so deeply in love.

 And   I      am      running       after       you.





I see the stars as they

I see them in your eyes. But we keep runningㅡ

Because I will always, always run after you,

Towards you

For you.

Because my dear, my love, your walls are crashing   d




And I will be there to catch your fall. I will build you, raise you up.

My dear, my love, our world is falling a    p   a   r   t,

But I will cover your eyes, I will share in your cries,

So long as you are mine.

My dear, my love, we’re running out of time,

I stare at our demise.

 But yours eyes, my dear, your eyes,

Are all I see.

But my eyes, my love, my eyes,

Love, is all you will see. Continue reading

Under the Red Hood

Today, I’m going to be giving an analysis on one of my favorite comic book characters, and if this is helpful for anyone looking to just understand a character or really get a feel, or just talk about said character (comment down below and I’ll gladly chat with you about superheroes any day) this is the place to go. 🙂

Today’s focus?

4123746-3359348829-40701.png (454×635)

tumblr_mqxnkyRF7F1qzioz2o1_500.gif (500×249)

tumblr_mb54ehQ2MJ1r4jopqo2_500.gif (500×217)

Jason Peter Todd


Red Hood, Robin (II) Continue reading

Top 10 Songs To Get You Moving and Grooving for Finals

Hey guys! If you’re like me, in a few days, you’re about to embrace the cruel, cold world of finals.

And that’s okay. For some it’ll be their first time, for others, practiced veterans are bracing for war against tests that may make or break grades, and decide things for the rest of our lives.

But the funny thing is, they won’t.

I want you all to remember when you go into finals, it doesn’t matter. Well, yeah, right now it kind of does because we all just want a nice grade, but I want you all to just remember in ten years, this test that you just took about chem, Spanish, math, or some book you didn’t even read, it won’t matter. This test, this letter you receive will not define you. You define you.

Yes, they may matter because these grades will help you get into that good college that yeah, may just get you a job, but you know what, if the college that takes you only looks at a set of letters, they’re not a college worth looking into.

And to help you guys just feel a bit up and pumpy, here’s some songs that I like to listen to while I work. You may or may not like them and that’s cool! I just hope it helps. 🙂

Number Ten: “Warriors” – Imagine Dragons

Number Nine: “Through the Night” – Cedric Gervais ft. Coco

Number Eight: “Ride Like the Wind” – Christopher Cross

Number Seven: “Treasure vs. Clarity Remix” -Bruno Mars and Zedd ft. Foxes

Number Six: “Hall of Fame” – The Script or “Lose Yourself” – Eminem

Number Five: “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” – Cyndi Lauper or “Not Afraid” – Eminem

Number Four: “The Dark Knight Rises (main theme) – Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard or “Merry Go Round of Life” – Joe Hisaishi

Number Three: “Eye of the Tiger” – Survivor

Number Two: “Living on a Prayer” – Bon Jovi or “Team” – Lorde

Number One: “Come on Eileen” – Dexy’s Midnight Runners or “Dancing Queen” – Abba

Honorable Mention: “Titanium” – David Guetta ft. Sia

Good luck with finals everyone, I hope you all do great! 🙂