Liber Libri

A Thousand Pieces of You – Claudia Gray

Summary: The novel A Thousand Pieces of You takes place in rather modern world where two esteemed scientist have come up with an invention that allows one to travel to alternate dimensions in where other versions of ourselves exist, a parallel universe. We follow our main character, Marguerite, as she takes hold of the machine and jumps through these different dimensions, hunting down the man who’s murdered her parents alongside her friend Theo. But as Marguerite travels through these different worlds, taking the life of the different versions of her in all these different worlds, she experiences the lives she’s lived, the people she’s loved, and all these worlds and feelings collide that force her to realize that her world is not the only world out there, and that the feelings shared between all her different selves are all jus small pieces in the grand scheme of things. Full of action, science, dabs of humor, and bittersweet, heartbreaking love that transcends the thin walls separating all the worlds between us.

Rate (1-10): 9

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – Jonathan Safran Foer

Summary: A coming of age tale of a young boy on an expedition to search for the one last treasure his deceased father has left him. Along the way, his story and life intertwines with those of the people around him, living in the hustle and bustle of New York recovering from the 9/11 attack, solving and uncovering problems within others, all the while learning more about himself and coming to terms with what happened the day he lost his father to an attack that shook the hearts of millions across the country, changing lives and shattering families, forcing them to grow stronger and overcome.

Rate: 8

Seraphina – Rachel Hartman

American Psycho – Bret Easton Ellis

Flowers in the Attic – Virginia Andrews

Heart of Darkness – Joseph Conrad

Summary: The classically acclaimed novel follows the story of a man out on the search for a new start, but it doesn’t simply cover one man’s journey through life. Setting the stage during the time of imperialism in Europe and the Scramble fro Africa, Conrad weaves the tale of the unspoken atrocities done to the locals and natives forced to submit to European dominance and control, forcing man to wonder the cost of believing that one species is superior to another when all men bleed the same.

Rate (1-10): 8

Misery – Stephen King

One Thousand and One Nights – Hanan Al-Shaykh

Summary: A wonderous, elusive and magical collection of various tales ranging from old Arabic myths to eastern fables, gathered together in one book, printed in a fearsome font, filled with one story branching off of the other, weavings stories of love, adventure, deceit, magic, friendship, loyalty, and the constant tale men continue to weave.

Rate (1-10): 10

The Scorpio Races – Maggie Stiefvater

Summary: In a world where horse racing is held to the highest esteem, the Scorpio races are an event millions gather to watch and witness, as the best pit their horses against the best. Some in hopes of claiming a grand prize, others in hopes of claiming a golden title. Puck seeks to race in hopes to save her beloved farm, the only girl to ever participate in the Scorpio races. The catch? The horses used within the races are steeds of the sea, horses that come from the ocean, wild, savage, carnivores. Filled with adventure, fast paced action, an air of mystic fables, and a gentle, burning romance between two people searching, fighting to obtain their goals and save the things they love.

Rate: TEN.


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