7 Types of Test Takers

Throughout our lives, there are many challenges that we must face. Some are simple problems, some huge, towering hurdles. But one challenge that we all at some point must have faced is a universal problem to people across the globe.


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Why do I do this to myself

“The greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves.”

– Oedipus Rex 

I don’t like crying in public, not many people do. But no matter what, if a movie, book, show, or song is sad to me, I will cry. I’m a really emoitonal, relatable person like that. If it’s sad and pulls at my heart strings, I will sit there, my lips will tremble, and then I’ll start to cry. But if there’s one thing that gets me everytime, its unrequited love.

Paul-Ugly-Crying-new-girl-30706389-245-175.gif (245×175) tumblr_mha57lvLwU1rdvjhwo1_500.gif (500×250)

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