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Take a moment and just love writing for the love of it! The differences between writers and authors is that authors write to live, writers live to write. 🙂

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Most people write to make money but I don’t. I write mainly for school because we have an assignment to write. Probably when i’m done with all the assignments I wouldn’t write every week anymore but i’ll always try to make time for writing in this busy world. Before my experience in writing for my English class I would have never thought about creating a blog and writing every week. Now I really like the experience and I think that it is extremely important to write!

Writing doesn’t just benefit others with the information you are going to share but more importantly it benefits the writer who learns from the experience, which is improving writing, communicating more with other people, researching new ideas and cultures, trying to find interesting topics, choice of words, staying on topic and a lot more. I believe that writers learn more than readers as they…

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Rain, rain, rain


If you really think about it, it’s always there, isn’t it? Rain, one word, four letters, an infinite amount of beliefs and memories and thoughts that follow it. When you say rain, people say what comes to mind. Sure, there are plenty of general ideas that people with think, cliché, over used, and common. But what I want us all to understand, is that no idea is alike, due to the fact that everyone remembers the rain and the words or thoughts or pictures that come to mind with it DIFFERENTLY.

For some, rain brings sadness. It’s our silent companion, our mocker, our splash of reality to the idea that rain is sad.

   It’s cold and heartless and painful. it hides our tears and our greatest fears, and forces us to understand what has happened, and we just feel…lonely.

We shut our eyes and sob our hearts out, and the sky cries along with us. It’s cold, and we’re ever so alone. My mom used to say that whenever it rained really, really hard, it was God crying.

BUT rain is also our companion, our friend, and our witness to our happiest moments. It’s there at our backs when we rise from our deepest falls. It washes away all our pains and frees us. The rain clears the skies and stands before us, proud and thundering as we raise our fists and cheer as loud as we can. Rain is awesome.

Rain is rain. We should take it as it is and love every second of it, good or bad. The rain holds in it all these different memories that we would never have without it, do all we can do is keep on smiling every time those clouds roll in.

Besides, there’s always a nice rainbow waiting for us at the end. 🙂