There’s a lot of questions in life.

And by a lot, I mean a lot. Like a crazy, unneccasary amount of questions out there waiting to be answered, explained, and it seems sometimes that none of them ever will.

But at the same time, there are a lot of questions that do get answered, sometimes in the craziest, wildest ways, or the smallest, simplest little actions. Through books, movies, ideals, school, we make all sorts of connections that help lead us to an answer, or at least something close to a solution.

At my school, my English teacher introduced to us something he’d often do with his classes called a BRAWL. We were assigned to read a book, devise questions that expanded outside of a simple war novel and related to the world, and come up with answers to boot.

And honestly, it was awesome.

It was in a simple little classroom at a simple high school that I learned and discovered things deeper than my mind could have imagined.

It was different, amazing, crazy different to see all these ideals and beliefs come into play when my fellow students stood up and answered questions in the ways they thought made sense. There were times when I disagreed and completely agreed, and it was fun to explore this deeper, more intense side of thought in school. I learned that everyone can see this world, our problems so differently. But it was this amazing experience and chance to say and speak about what it was that I believed. What my group and I felt towards these very relevant and very real topics we see all over the place.

I learned how deep these connections go. How far we can trace everything back and relate it to all sorts of problem. Whether its mistakes of the past or choices done now. They all matter.


Plus, I got to stand on my teacher’s desk.

And it was awesome.


The World is Beautiful

The world was beautiful, strange, and mysterious.”

To be honest, I’m not one to watch the news.

super-duper-anchorman.gif (400×216)

I like to understand what’s going on, what’s happening out there, but in case you haven’t noticed or are just quite blessed with coming across times when the news is at it’s best, the news is just horribly, truthfully, undeniably…


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