You (And) I

You (and) I


My dear, my love, the walls are tumbling d




around us. But we, are







                                                                                                                    g in love.

I fear–I’m afraidㅡof a world without you, my dear, my love. The fires are burning, in the our world, in our hearts, in our eyesㅡand we are falling so deeply in love.

 And   I      am      running       after       you.





I see the stars as they

I see them in your eyes. But we keep runningㅡ

Because I will always, always run after you,

Towards you

For you.

Because my dear, my love, your walls are crashing   d




And I will be there to catch your fall. I will build you, raise you up.

My dear, my love, our world is falling a    p   a   r   t,

But I will cover your eyes, I will share in your cries,

So long as you are mine.

My dear, my love, we’re running out of time,

I stare at our demise.

 But yours eyes, my dear, your eyes,

Are all I see.

But my eyes, my love, my eyes,

Love, is all you will see. Continue reading