The Blood Son

No matter how hard we try, we’re always somehow bound to our pasts, to our origins.

It seems that no matter what we do, there will always be that shadow―that lingering bit of who we were, or where we came from, that will follow us no matter where we go. Our bloodlines, our pasts, our family ties, they’re things that can’t easily be erased.

But they’re things that help make our particular character today who he is.

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Damian Wayne


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Under the Red Hood

Today, I’m going to be giving an analysis on one of my favorite comic book characters, and if this is helpful for anyone looking to just understand a character or really get a feel, or just talk about said character (comment down below and I’ll gladly chat with you about superheroes any day) this is the place to go. 🙂

Today’s focus?

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Jason Peter Todd


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