Blogging is like eating a Steak

Blogging for me has been like eating a steak.

When you first start out, it is absolutely amazing.

You see this huge, juicy piece of meat before you. Your mouth waters, your eyes light up, you shift in place, gripping your fork and knife in hand and you are just ready to eat this beautiful thing in front of you. You’re looking forward to it. When you hear about and see it, it sounds awesome. You honestly feel like you can handle it.

Then you get the first bite.

And it is awesome.

You start off and just jump right into it, savoring the taste and actually enjoying it. It’s fun, it’s delicious, you love it. You’re sitting there like nothing could ever go wrong and you’re just eating away, congratulating yourself on doing a good job of picking it out. You keep eating away like there’s no problem, you can handle this, if anything, this is actually really fun, you love it. Why didn’t you start sooner? You feel like you can take on the world sitting there having the time of your life, it seems possible to do anything.

And then you get to the middle.

Suddenly the steak isn’t as amazing anymore. It’s big, it’s getting tough, chewy. You start to sit there and chew piece after piece and you feel daunted by all of this meat before you. Your eyes droop down and you slow down, you start to wonder if you can really do this, if you even made the right choice. Is this really for you? Is this even a good steak? Just shove it aside and take it to go, it’s okay if you can’t handle it. Maybe this just isn’t your thing. Why did you do this in the first place? It’s tiresome and weary, and you don’t even know where you’re going with sitting here eating these pieces of meat.

And then you look at the dessert menu and take a sip of your drink.

And then you realize you can finish this steak. Why else would you order it? You attack with a newfound gusto and you devour that steak, laughing and talking to the people around you and having a great time because this is a great steak, this was a good experiment, and you can do it. It’s okay if you can’t even finish it, you can always take it to go and start up again. You enjoy the steak for what it is, you don’t doubt trying it or digging in, you don’t second guess yourself for having a great time eating it and enjoying what it was you just experienced. You just had fun with it.

And then you finish the steak.

You sit there, content, proud. You are beyond full, and at the moment, you feel like you might not really need to do this again. You’ve gotten a taste of it and you don’t really have to come back. But you sit there, you think, and when you glanced over to the menu, a small smile touches your lips. Then again, you don’t mind coming back again too.

That has been blogging for me.


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