7 Types of Test Takers

Throughout our lives, there are many challenges that we must face. Some are simple problems, some huge, towering hurdles. But one challenge that we all at some point must have faced is a universal problem to people across the globe.


Whether multiple choice, fill in the blank, essay, true or false, we’ve faced it all. They are the bane to every students existence, and to some, a poor choice of assessing a student’s real ability to learn and understand something by hanging a grade over their head.

But the thing about problems is that we all have some way of coping or getting through them. And the same applies to tests of course. And throughout my young buy meaningful years of school so far, I’ve compiled a list of the students we often find in the horrid and bleak world of test taking.

Number One: The Studious One

They are the classic straight A, extremely smart intellectuals who worry over nothing because, let’s face it. They’ve got this. They’re the ones who are already studying and making review packets before the teacher even decides on the date for the test. They’ve got note cards for their note cards, and little cheat sheets to help understand those. These are the students who set the curve, and work hard to earn it.

Number Two: The Classic Crasher

Now the crasher on the other hand, is that one kid who sits there and class and doesn’t care. We never really know why, some have valid reasons, some just don’t care. But, alas, these are the students whose work is shown through their grades, and they’re not doing much work. These are the kids who just don’t care about whether to not there’s a test, it’s not going to matter twenty years from now anyway.

…which is kind of true.

Number Three: The Panic Attacker

tumblr_mcvc8pvyas1qbw77k.gif (500×326)

These students are the ones whose eyes get real wide, their mouths drop and they realize, there is a test coming up and even though I’m probably fine I’m still going to freak out because its a test, and study like their lives depend on it. These wonderful bundles of energy are often the ones who slam their head against the dead and freak out because they think the world is coming to an end.

Mind you though, they often do pretty fine.

Number Four: The Clueless One

Ah. The clueless one. These are the students who often look up a day or two before the test and blinked, turning over to look at you before they say, “There’s a test today?”. These students don’t even realize what the heck is even going on, much to the wonder of everyone else, and somehow seem to miss the memo. And once they do get it, they fall into one of the other categories.

Number Five: The Winger

lochte-wing-it.gif (500×230)

These are the students who somehow manage to keep their cool under pressure. The ones you turn to with question and they shrug, blank faced as they answer “I’m just going to wing it.” And they do. But the results for these guys tend to be fifty fifty to be honest.

Number Six: That Kid

We know this kid. That kid. This is the student that either always complains about how bad they’re doing or talks about how hard everything is and then their test scores come out and well, look at that, they did absolutely fine. And they know it.

And then you kind of look at them like…

Number Seven: The Unexpected Surprise

Now this one is just a happy one overall. 🙂 These are the student (often ourselves) who expect to do absolutely terrible on the test. They think that they’re going to bomb, fail, do bad, but what do they do in response? They study their butts off, and even though they still think they did bad, these are the ones that get the test back and just look plain happy because hey, they did better than they thought.

But in the end guys, tests aren’t things you need to stress out over. Yes, they do matter right now, yes, they do count towards your grade–but you know what? Twenty years from now, it won’t. You may think that getting those good grades is what determines your college, but that’s not it. Because those test taking skills aren’t going to help you in the real world when you’re facing something that does matter. So take it all in stride, keep calm, do some studying. And you’ll be fine. Everyone takes a test their own way.

Which one are you?


2 comments on “7 Types of Test Takers

  1. Great writing! Loved this blog post. I was really interesting and funny because it’s really true and we see it every time we take tests. I guess I’m that kid haha

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is so great and so, so true!! I’m literally all but the first one, which is kind of bad… But hey, it doesn’t matter in a few years, right?


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