Some Pictures to Make You Happy

Or at least help restore your faith in the world a little bit.

I think we can all understand how powerful and important pictures are to us. Not only do they tell us stories of times where we weren’t there, explain moments and situations, they hold precious, meaningful memories that we can look back to forever.

But beyond that, pictures are powerful. One look at an image or meme of even a gif can turn anyone’s frown upside down and make people smile or laugh, and that’s a very powerful thing. Sometimes we’re down in the dumps and our day just feels like poop, sometimes times get tough and we just shake our heads and think—man, our world just sucks. But you know what? Pictures can change all of that.

Images that can’t even move, can change moods and opinions like bam, and all of a sudden, we’re smiling and laughing and just having a good time.

Hopefully these will do the same. 🙂

Displaying IMG_0226.JPG

The sky after a fresh rain.

Displaying IMG_0131.JPG

This Mickey Mouse butt-sink filled with a hot fudge ice cream sundae with cookies.

Displaying IMG_0060.JPG

This pencil who thought he could fly.

Displaying IMG_0078.JPG

Don’t you just want to run down this road and scream your lungs out?

Displaying IMG_0133.JPG

This narcissistic hot sauce packet. I mean, just look at that self-confidence.

Displaying IMG_0105.JPG

How can you hate the world with sunsets like these?

Displaying IMG_0153.JPG

This cake made entirely out of cotton candy that’s bigger than your head.

Displaying IMG_0146.JPG

This giraffe.

Displaying IMG_0151.JPG

Glistening pavement and the night time gleam of the streets down in Santa Monica beside the pier.

They’re all little pictures. Small things that might not even matter to anyone else but me. But if you think about, I wasn’t the only one looking at these images. Now you guys are too, sure, but at these moments in time, other people were looking at the same thing, seeing the same thing, but not the same. They’re looking at it just a little differently, but the best part about that is the very idea that we can all stare at the same thing and wonder something else, kind of like being connected in this little, tiny way.

That sunset in Bolsa was a sight everyone could see that afternoon. People driving down the roads to home, driving off on their own adventures, but we’re all under that sky, all seeing the same sunset. The Santa Monica picture was taken off the sidewalk, so what did the road look like actually driving down it? What did I look like to those people driving past? Everyone is looking at it differently, seeing it differently, but it’s the same moment, the same place, the same time.

But we’re all there.

So if you think about it, we’re never really alone, are we?



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