You (And) I

You (and) I


My dear, my love, the walls are tumbling d




around us. But we, are







                                                                                                                    g in love.

I fear–I’m afraidㅡof a world without you, my dear, my love. The fires are burning, in the our world, in our hearts, in our eyesㅡand we are falling so deeply in love.

 And   I      am      running       after       you.





I see the stars as they

I see them in your eyes. But we keep runningㅡ

Because I will always, always run after you,

Towards you

For you.

Because my dear, my love, your walls are crashing   d




And I will be there to catch your fall. I will build you, raise you up.

My dear, my love, our world is falling a    p   a   r   t,

But I will cover your eyes, I will share in your cries,

So long as you are mine.

My dear, my love, we’re running out of time,

I stare at our demise.

 But yours eyes, my dear, your eyes,

Are all I see.

But my eyes, my love, my eyes,

Love, is all you will see.

In depth look for those who are confuzzled:

The poem today is one of simple longing, wistful, real, raw. It speaks of a love toward someone else, unconditional, unbending, because they see only them and want only them. I get the feel that something’s going wrong, whether its them or the world around them, but all the speaker feels is love, so strong and pure that they feel it would mend any cracks and demolish any walls. They’re willing to triumph over whatever obstacles they may have to face, because all I can see in the poem is love, real love. Love for them, for everything about them, and how they know the person’s suffering, but they will do whatever it takes for them, no matter how high the stakes are.

They’d do it all, just for them.

It’s the kind of poem that makes people sigh and others smile, wistful, as they feel this aching hopefulness that everything will be alright.


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  1. Megan says:

    this looks so cool!!!

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