Under the Red Hood

Today, I’m going to be giving an analysis on one of my favorite comic book characters, and if this is helpful for anyone looking to just understand a character or really get a feel, or just talk about said character (comment down below and I’ll gladly chat with you about superheroes any day) this is the place to go. 🙂

Today’s focus?

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Jason Peter Todd


Red Hood, Robin (II)

Jason Todd, currently known as the Red Hood, is a character from DC associated with the Batman comics. And personally, he’s one of my favorite I-only-work-for-myself-but-I’m-still-somehow-a-good-guy-but-I-act-bad-cause-I-am-bad characters. Jason’s the kind of character you either hate because he’s a selfish schmuck who seems to only care about himself and his goals, but he latches onto you and you love him because he is an amazing character full of depth, angst, wonder, and strength. He’s that character you either love to hate, or just simply love with all your heart because he’s Jason freaking Todd.


Originally, Jason Todd’s background is similar to that of Dick Grayson, the original Robin. But like most comic characters, backgrounds and things change with reboots and personally, I prefer Jason Todd’s newer, more commonly used background. A street orphan caught steeling the tires off the Batmobile, Jason was close to going to juvie until Batman decided to take the child in under his care, seeing a bit of himself in him, something in Jason that could never ever really leave him, but it was something Batman felt the need to try and protect him from.

From then on, Jason Todd became the new Robin, taking up the mantle left behind by Dick Grayson, now Nightwing, and working alongside Batman until his untimely death and departing at the hands of the Joker. Left behind and beaten, as Batman races to try and save him, he’s left alone in a warehouse, a bomb ticking away as he realizes, this is it.

After the painful parting though, he is resurrected from the dead (one storyline due to Ra’s al Gul’s Lazarus pit, the other due to a time warp between dimensions caused by Superboy that brings him back to life), and finally, he assumes the title of Red Hood, becoming something of an anti-hero, similar to Batman in many ways, but willing to kill and harm his victims.

The Character

In basic terms, Jason is considered an anti-hero. Not a villain, not a hero, he’s simply out for his own gains, his own agenda, his own beliefs, he’s doing things for him. But what’s so heartbreakingly wonderful is that Jason wasn’t always like this. At first he did want to be a hero, he wanted to do good and amazing things, and Batman saw that greatness in him when he took him on as Robin. But Jason was never like the others, he wasn’t charming and polite like Dick, he was wild, rebellious, raw, passionate, and impulsive. He didn’t beat around the bush, and he wasn’t afraid to take things further than Batman would have liked.

But Jason isn’t bad. He never was. If anything, he’s lonely. He was ripped away from the closest thing he had to a father and killed alongside his mother, only to be brought back from the dead to find his place had been taken from Batman’s side by someone else, to find out that he could never ever be Robin again, because after everything that’d happened, he would never be able to turn away from all the things he’d seen and done.

Jason’s character really pulls at my heartstrings, and I will forever be fond of him due to the fact that even though he’s decided to keep away from the Batfamily, he still cares. He loves them even if he doesn’t show it, and he’d go through hell and back again. He’s just the lonely, rebellious son of the bunch, striving to keep going.

And he does, going under the new alias of Red Hood, he sets out to fight crime his way, despite his ruthless methods, he wants to make this world a better place in his own way. Jason Todd is this raw, uncouth, cocky, charismatic son of a gun, looking to do whatever it takes to get things done, his way. But despite all that, he’s arrogant, he’s flirty, he likes to joke and mess around, and beneath the rust and chips, he’s got a heart of gold, even if it’s small.


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