Waiting for Superman

Guys, I really love superheroes.

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I just love superheroes. I love the idea of superheroes, the stories, the comics, the cartoons, the movies, superheroes are amazing. It doesn’t matter how old how young, how new, how classic, superheroes are just great. 

Though I’m more of a DC girl, I just love superheroes. There’s something about the idea of their stories, of cities and villains and heroes to save the day that I just really love. And to be honest, to anyone who thinks ‘oh, this is kid stuff’, ‘this is fairy a tale’, blah, blah, blah, they do not understand how great the idea of superheroes is. And it’s really, really great. I pride myself on being very fond of different fandoms and being really chill and not in your face, but I will fangirl all over at the idea of superheroes.

They’re just so…super.

tumblr_ll236b1HxG1qf7bkxo1_500.gif (500×230) tumblr_m52wf74OOy1qdpytgo7_500.gif (500×281) 1c9e77301990700f8a04bc3a03982cb4.gif (480×270)

I hope that even as a kid at least, some point in your life you fell in love and looked up in awe at the idea of superheroes. To me, they’re this part of my life, my imagination and wonder that can never be taken away. The classic tale of the hero rising up and defeating the bad guy, the vigilante, the flamboyant tight wearer, superheroes are just really, really cool. They represent this ideal that never grows old for me, and I’ll always wonder what it’s like to be able to live in a world like Superman or Batman, being graced with powers like X-Men or banding together to defeat some mass evil from destroying the world.

We’ve based some of our greatest moments and ideas and dreams wondering what it would be like to be one, to be a hero. But I’m not trying to get deep into the idea that we’re all heroes somehow, I just really wanted to make a post talking about superheroes and putting pictures and gifts of just great superheroes.

I mean, how many of you have ever seen Teen Titans? Young Justice? Batman? Superman? Powerpuff Girls? Sailor Moon? Arrow? Flash? X-Men? Avengers? This list just keep going because there are just so many great heroes and characters, and the very idea of them just makes me really, really happy.

Besides, can you imagine the number of lines, lyrics, ideas, stories, and fandoms that have branched off of the very idea of superheroes?

“Waiting for Superman” -Daughtry


The Avengers


Sky High




Don’t even get me started on how many Batman movies there are.

Batman: The Movie

Image of Batman: The Movie


Image of Batman

Batman Returns

Image of Batman Returns

Batman Begins

Image of Batman Begins

The Dark Knight

Image of The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Rises

Image of The Dark Knight Rises

Batman and Robin

Image of Batman & Robin

And there’s a ton more that I won’t list because it keeps going on and on, and I think you all get my point. 🙂 Needless to say, I know what I’m going to be for Halloween. And if you want, I’d love to hear who you guys think is your favorite superhero, or the comic or cartoon or even movie you love the most! Just comment below.

Have a great weekend guys!


5 comments on “Waiting for Superman

  1. tableflipper says:

    My favorite superhero is Green Arrow. Sure, he’s not the most super powered guy out there. But his bow shtick is so epic. It’s not a sword. It’s not a gun. It’s a freaking bow!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I feel you, I think Green Arrow stands on his own level of awesomeness when it comes to superheroes. He may have to battle for a spot in my heart for superheroes with no powers like Batman, but he is without a doubt, a great hero. 🙂


  2. Oh goodness, I’m in love with this song now. THANK YOU FOR SHOWING US 🙂
    Also, you’re so adorable, I loveee your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. […] But the thing is, Batman is imprisoned just like all the rest of us. He’s finding peace with his parents, but that’s become his life goal. He wants to save Gotham, and that weighs on him like a weight. These noble things that he’s doing. His morals are of the same prison as the obsession with Superman. […]


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