The World is Beautiful

The world was beautiful, strange, and mysterious.”

To be honest, I’m not one to watch the news.

super-duper-anchorman.gif (400×216)

I like to understand what’s going on, what’s happening out there, but in case you haven’t noticed or are just quite blessed with coming across times when the news is at it’s best, the news is just horribly, truthfully, undeniably…


loudnoises1.gif (480×270)

Every time I turn it on, oh, she’s been raped, he’s been shot, they’ve been killed, they’re going to war, he started a fire, she’s going to jail, and so on, so on. It’s really disheartening and makes a person frown and sit there,wondering what the poop is wrong with our world, our society, and just people these days.

It’s really, really depressing. Our world must suck, right? Well let me explain something to you.

It isn’t.

this world is incredibly, overwhelmingly, unforgettably….


Its-so-beautiful.gif (245×245)

Perhaps nowadays all we can really see is the negative light to things, the shadows that follow us everywhere we go. But the thing is, you can’t have shadows without light, and if you’d just stop and look up, you’d see it. Bright, dazzling, burning, and oh so beautiful. This world is full of good things, beautiful things, weird, odd, different, and simply amazing. There are things in this world we may never, ever be able to understand, and that’s simply amazing.

“The world is cruel, the world is kind, the world is beautiful, the world is ugly. But this world is yours, and this world is mine.”

tumblr_myocxwSQcP1rqoe1uo1_500.gif (500×282)

giphy-facebook_s.jpg (480×270)

dog-beach.gif (320×180)

giphy.gif (640×346)

nature+gifs+(115).gif (500×330)

There are moments I feel sometimes where your chest gets tight, your heart swells, and you breathe, you see, and all there is is you, and this amazing, huge world around you. There are stars, burning bright in the night sky, there are people, lending hands and doing great things without being asked, there are loyal dogs helping people without being asked, there are sunsets and sunrises, and city lights and ocean breezes, this world is full of things we love and adore, things we could never image the world without.

I think we all need to just see that. To feel it. Embrace the beauty of this world and take it with us wherever we go. Yes, the world is not perfect, but it’s this amazing idea that we can never truly understand perfection because if nothing is perfect, how do we even know what it is?

We don’t. Because perfection is what our mind believes, and everyone can see things as perfect while someone else doesn’t, and the beauty of that is the fact that you’re simply entitled to your own opinion.

and fight anyone that tells you otherwise. (I’m joking, violence is bad, just kind of glare at them or something.)

tumblr_mkq3chHN9B1qz5yzjo1_r1_500.gif (500×256)

just take a moment and look outside! you won’t regret it. Stop and breathe, feel the world around you, turning without being asked, moving, living, being, and just love it.


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