We Were Dreamers

“Then a dream once reminded him.”

There are a lot of things that make a great story.

The plot, the writing, grammar, imagery, creativity, all kinds of things, and each one has to carry their own weight. But there’s one more thing that belongs in nearly every story, there’s always one or more. Characters. And when you have your classic tale of good vs. bad, what is the story without the most important piece?

The villain. The antagonist.

The one who puts the good to your good guy and the nightmares and monsters under your bed. The bad guy in every story, movie, video game, whatever you’d like to name, is a key character. I for one, really, really appreciate the art of creating a great antagonist. They are the ones that make the hero who they are, the one that forces them to rise up to unbeatable lengths so that they can conquer, they make the hero a hero. GIF-FROLLO.gif (476×268)

Frollo – Hunchback of Notre Dame

tumblr_mazweyStUc1qaqwkmo1_500.gif (500×282)

Dr. Oliver Thredson – AHS: Asylum

dkr-banefadeaway.gif (500×266)

Bane – Batman Trilogy

tumblr_inline_n6m04k8uav1sy66lj.gif (500×208)

Snape -Harry Potter

tumblr_inline_mfvp64ZlWy1rt2432.gif (500×277)

Hannibal Lector – Hannibal Series

tumblr_n0vm3xxo8y1trav8xo1_500.gif (500×263)

Scar – Lion King

giphy.gif (400×374)

The Joker – Batman

Some of the baddest baddies out there for sure, and the list goes on and on and on because there are endless heroes and endless villains in this world. But what I really want people to understand and realize is the importance and the depth of these characters.

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Holiday Spirit

“There’s happy feeling nothing in the world can buy, when you pass around the coffee and the pumpkin pie.”

Christmas. Hanukah. Kwanza. Universal words for different ways of celebration. But to be honest, to me, it doesn’t matter what you celebrate or believe in. The holiday season is the holiday season, and that means busting out the Christmas music, the lights, the food, the spirit.

I really, really, love Christmas. I love the season, the time of December in general. To me, December means so many things, with the warm, fluttering happiness that comes with Christmas, and the magical, awe inspiring, regretful new years. This season is a magical time.

It’s not just a holiday. It’s a spirit in itself, a time where people feel this warm, tight feeling in their chest you can’t take away. You smile till your cheeks hurt, you shake your head and laugh but you can’t help but get so into it because that’s what it does. The holiday spirit is a force to be reckoned with, warm, fierce, enchanting.



Don’t fight it. You can’t fight it. Just embrace it. It’ll greet you with warm hugs and coffee mugs, I promise. The holiday spirit is just this great feeling that I always hope everyone can enjoy, no matter what. It’s the amazing time to be with the ones you love, curled up together and laughing. It’s this time to embrace the coming of the end with a cheer and cookies waiting by the fire. Half the fun is getting into it and participating you know. Putting everything together and watching it all fall into place as your world just slows down for this one, warm moment.

It’s time like these that you’ll find that perfect picture that just captures that moment. The one you look back at and smile because it was so nice.

What’s the harm? Maybe a little damage to your wallets, sure, but its worth the years worth of memories you make looking back and smiling at it. The holiday season is opening its arms wide just for you, and all it asks for is a small smile and to simply embrace the whole thing in return.


Instead, you’ll find yourself in a moment, a gentle, sweeping, heartfelt moment that you will remember for the rest of your life.

So everyone, do yourselves a favor and please, please allow yourself to be drowned in the holiday spirit. Get into the season and take it with everything you have because that is when you will be the most happy.


Rain, rain, rain


If you really think about it, it’s always there, isn’t it? Rain, one word, four letters, an infinite amount of beliefs and memories and thoughts that follow it. When you say rain, people say what comes to mind. Sure, there are plenty of general ideas that people with think, cliché, over used, and common. But what I want us all to understand, is that no idea is alike, due to the fact that everyone remembers the rain and the words or thoughts or pictures that come to mind with it DIFFERENTLY.

For some, rain brings sadness. It’s our silent companion, our mocker, our splash of reality to the idea that rain is sad.

   It’s cold and heartless and painful. it hides our tears and our greatest fears, and forces us to understand what has happened, and we just feel…lonely.

We shut our eyes and sob our hearts out, and the sky cries along with us. It’s cold, and we’re ever so alone. My mom used to say that whenever it rained really, really hard, it was God crying.

BUT rain is also our companion, our friend, and our witness to our happiest moments. It’s there at our backs when we rise from our deepest falls. It washes away all our pains and frees us. The rain clears the skies and stands before us, proud and thundering as we raise our fists and cheer as loud as we can. Rain is awesome.

Rain is rain. We should take it as it is and love every second of it, good or bad. The rain holds in it all these different memories that we would never have without it, do all we can do is keep on smiling every time those clouds roll in.

Besides, there’s always a nice rainbow waiting for us at the end. 🙂