Till death do us apart

Death is sad, plain and simple. But what’s even worse? The death of someone that’s not even real.

I’m talking about the death of fictional characters.

fictional-characters.gif (538×364)

Yes, it sounds totally stupid and silly to be crying over a character that’s not even real, but goodness gracious we can’t help it. I for one, totally and wholly believe that it is okay to cry over someone that isn’t real, over something that isn’t real. It’s just a part of loving a story or a movie all the more.

mufasa__s_death_gif_animation_by_supervocaloidfan4eva.gif (247×185)

Tell me this scene did not make you cry. TELL ME YOU WATCHED MUFASA DIE AND DIDN’T CRY. I dare you. You might just be crying afterwards.

Nah, I’m kidding (maybe), but seriously, it is okay to cry over a character that doesn’t even really exist, because somehow, they kind of do. If you cry over the death of a character, it shows that you truly invested in the character, you fell in love with them and the story, and it hurt to see them have to die. To me, it just shows that you are capable of actually losing yourself in a story. You watch the movie, laugh a little, get scared, that means you’re feeling it, the movie is actually touching you on a level that gets a reaction from you. And in my opinion, that’s amazing.

6355070952205172391709002577_Dobby GIF.gif (500×209)

fred.gif (500×387)

Stories and movies that can weave together a tale so enchanting, so amazing, that you cry when someone dies, that takes skill. I cry over the death of fictional characters all the time, a lot of us do. It’s because we fall in love with these characters, we see little bits of ourselves in them and what to be like them, root for them, and when they’re gone, you just loose it.

And that is totally okay.

tumblr_nctvteguOc1t3t4t8o5_500.gif (500×213)

tumblr_n2v9ejCoW51tufqcwo1_500.gif (500×280)

The fact that you’re actually feeling something says more than enough. I get invested in characters all the time, and the last the you want is anything bad to happen to them. I mean, we love them! Even if they’re not real, to us, it was as if they were, we read their story, from beginning to the end, and followed them all the way. If they die, I will cry. I don’t care what people say, and you shouldn’t either, because no one with a heart can watch movies and scenes like these and not cry.

These scenes and this love for the characters is what makes the whole experience really right. I mean, you never really realize how much you’d fallen in love with a character until they’re cruelly ripped away from you without a second to realize what had just happened. And if you insist on being heartless and believing that it’s stupid, or that there’s nothing to cry about then fine by me.

Spongebob-cries.gif (500×373)

But to everyone else, fear not. There are plenty of others out there who will feel your fictional pain, and what better way to start a new friendship then by crying over some character death?

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