Cover up or shut up

For ages, clothing has been apart of our daily lifestyle. Clothing keeps us warm, it makes us feel safe, it shields what we hold private from the rest of the world. Clothing is our armor, or shield to what the world and what others have against us, against judging eyes to hilly breezes. Clothing is without a doubt, important.

But as of late, the issue of clothing, and how much of it we wear, has brought us to war.

No, not an actual guns ablaze, tanks rolling in, bombing kind of war. It has brought to us a war of social, mental, and emotional proportions, and now, it even threatens our education. Can you believe that? Simple pieces of cloth, gone with a simple snip, are, apparently, a “threat” to our education.

But what wonder, is whose education.

The topic I’m about to address is one that has come up countless times, that people shake heads, argue, and even get punished for.

Dress code.

Dress_code.jpg (800×944)

Dress code is a widely controversial topic, something that not only affects our daily lives, but our future. More importantly, it affects our education apparently. Dress code is something everyone hears, everyday, every start of their school life. It’s located in hand books, online, open for all to see and all to read, so that there can be no excuses to the idea that you didn’t know what it is. There are those who stands beside it, nodding heads, and their are others who frown, shaking heads. It seems basic, right? Don’t wear shorts that are too short, revealing tops, shirts or articles of clothing that advertise bad, school inappropriate things. It seems fine, so no one should complain, there should be no problem, people who can’t follow simple things are obviously wrong, and just want to make life harder for others.

wrong-gif.gif (500×264)

Dead wrong. Super wrong. Want to know why? Because the very fact that we have something like this shows that there is something far, far more wrong with this issue at hand, a problem that illustrates the kind of world we live in now and the society we’ve built. And I’m arguing on behalf of the female population when I start writing this, and perhaps for the select males that have the issue as well.

I, despite never once having a problem with the dress code, ever, hate it.

never-say-no-to-panda-o.gif (320×222)

tumblr_lka1evMiSm1qe09j6.gif (340×235)

84c.gif (462×320)

Now, I’m not just saying this because oh, I just want to run around in skimpy clothes all day and make it okay for girls to degrade themselves and dress “slutty” when they don’t need to, no, I’m arguing about this because why should a girl have to cover up? What are we trying to hide from the world? Who are we trying to hide from? Oh, I’m sorry, my clothes are too revealing? Please, tell me who it is revealing too.

I don’t understand why girls are the ones who are yelled at, told they’re wrong, because apparently a shoulder in sight is absolutely too much for a guy to handle. I’m sorry that a strap is making it hard for him to learn, and I can’t learn because his priorities come first. I’m sorry that it’s hot, and I just want to wear shorts, but because they’re too short, and it’s distracting, I can’t. Oh look, my bra strap is showing, everyone stop! She’s wearing a bra. So we all need to know that it means she’s a girl. Wow. Fascinating. I can completely understand that society has been slowing descending in different terms and aspects, and that even I want to cry when I see young girls walking around in clothes they don’t need to wear. But goodness, they shouldn’t feel like that in the first place. Why do they feel the need to impress each other? What comes out from the end of it? I’m not blaming the males, but perhaps instead of teaching a girl to be ashamed and to cover up, maybe boys should learn something called self restraint.

475491.gif (500×270)And even if the dress code is necessary, some people are taking this too far. Here are several articles on this if you’d like to read any as well.  And not only are people taking this to far, and some using it as an excuse to outright sexualize girls, there are even cases where girls have been asked to leave not only school, interrupting their own education, but their events such as prom, or had something else be done. These can be argued from both sides, but I had to favor the victims in these.

This quote was also taken from an article, which makes you think about what they mean by distraction.

“District 31 Superintendent Aimee Horowitz, who oversees Tottenville, said in a statement to The Post that skimpy clothing is banned because it “creates a distraction, is dangerous or interferes with the learning and teaching process.”

The code covers everything from tank tops and short-shorts to hoodies and sunglasses.”

It’s a hard topic to side with, and I understand that yes, girls should know how to dress, but if we should know how to dress, then others should know to respect, and refrain from ogling, and being “distracted” by what girls should be proud, and not ashamed of, and that is their bodies. Enforcing certain dress codes simply says that women should be embarrassed of showing what they were given, and in the disguise of “modesty”, respect others education, and not be distracting.

A girl cannot help that she was well-endowed, that just because an outfit may look fine on someone else, and the same outfit is instead to “scandalous” on her. A girl cannot help that she has more to be proud of and to cover than a male. A girl cannot help that she appears beautiful, because goodness gracious she is, and that suddenly means she’s “exposing herself” or “asking for it”.

No girl, no woman, no person, would ever “ask for it”.

After reading this, I ask you to keep these things in mind, and the next time you see a girl with an outfit that may be what others assume is “slutty”, think twice.


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