We Were All Kids Once

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I’ve always wondered, where do we decide what is mature or immature? Where do we draw that chalky line within our heads that decide not only how we should behave, but the things and the responsibilities we take on? Who says whats what, and why?

The thing is, I think it is perfectly, absolutely, without a doubt okay to be a kid. I’m not saying we should all wear diapers or run around like maniacs and cry mama the whole time, I’m saying that maybe what we need to do is understand that we were kids once. We needed to wear diapers, we had to cry for our mothers, we ran around like idiots and blew bubbles and just had fun.

We didn’t care about what other people thought. The only thing on our minds was when we’d eat and what to play next. We made castles from pillows and blankets, we traveled the world in boxes, we fought perilous battles using marbles and water guns, we were geniuses. To me, immaturity is acting in a way that isn’t needed and only makes the situation worse, it’s acting the way we shouldn’t just because it makes us feel better, but hurts someone else. Immaturity is not blowing bubbles when your twenty or sticking your tongue out at someone you don’t like. it is not running around like a fool and having the time of your life when you should be working, or laughing over something silly. If it’s funny, I’m going to laugh.

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You don’t have to be immature to have fun. Stay young. We get told over and over to enjoy your life while you can, because we should. It won’t stay there and wait for you.

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Enjoy it while you can! Have all the fun you want, but don’t ruin your life, love it. We’re only kids once, yes, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t take everything we’ve learned with us. Enjoy every little bit of it and treasure it like you’ve never loved anything before. Childhood is precious. There will come a day when we need to be “grown up”, but that day is not today.

We can worry about things later, we can think about life later. Just enjoy what you have now, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You can’t wait forever and think you’ll have time either.

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Just because you grow up doesn’t mean that you can’t still be young at heart. Enjoy the little things, go play in the mud, dance in the rain, build a fort, go hang out, howl at the moon, it doesn’t matter.   Hold those memories fast to your heart, because when we’re old and frail, they will be all we have left.

Don’t grow up.

Take the chance.

Our time is now.


What are you waiting for?

The world is waiting.



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