Till death do us apart

Death is sad, plain and simple. But what’s even worse? The death of someone that’s not even real.

I’m talking about the death of fictional characters.

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Cover up or shut up

For ages, clothing has been apart of our daily lifestyle. Clothing keeps us warm, it makes us feel safe, it shields what we hold private from the rest of the world. Clothing is our armor, or shield to what the world and what others have against us, against judging eyes to hilly breezes. Clothing is without a doubt, important.

But as of late, the issue of clothing, and how much of it we wear, has brought us to war.

No, not an actual guns ablaze, tanks rolling in, bombing kind of war. It has brought to us a war of social, mental, and emotional proportions, and now, it even threatens our education. Can you believe that? Simple pieces of cloth, gone with a simple snip, are, apparently, a “threat” to our education.

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5 Steps to get over a Heartbreak

With love comes many other feelings, feelings you cannot deny, ignore, or push aside. Some of them are going to be amazing, some are going to be sad, some will make you feel things you’ve never felt before. In this case though, love comes with a sadder, much more bittersweet price.


The feeling of pain from losing the one you love, the longing ache in your chest when you can never have, or the dull, lulling pain that fills you when you understand it just can’t be. Heartbreak is an emotion we may or may not feel within our lifetime, but it is a price to pay for falling in love. You can’t deny it, or shove it aside, heartbreak is heartbreak. And it hurts.

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Most of the time, we don’t even realize it until it hits us.

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