The nine types of guys you’ll fall in love with

In life, there are many different things that you’ll experience, all kinds of things. You’ll experience hate, anger, sadness, happiness, confusion, elation, the list will go on and on. But there is one thing that no matter how much you deny it, shake your head, or lock it up and toss it into a corner, you will feel it.

And that, my dear friends, is love.

Fierce, unforgiving, warm, annoying, gentle, and impossible to ever understand and comprehend, love is the thing that makes the world go round.

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You’ll fall in love with all kinds of things, all kinds of people, and really, we just can’t help it. We’re human, we’re naturally social beings, and we feel love, and we fall in love, no matter how much you want to deny it.

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And to make you guys feel better and have something to relate to and just think about today, I’ve made a list of the different kind of guys that you’ll probably fall in love with (or have a crush on) in your lifetime. And no, food does not count this time. And though the list doesn’t do complete justice to every guy out there, it is my own vague sum of a few of them.

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Lucky man number one.

1. The Hot, sorta Popular Guy

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This is that guy that you stare at most of the time, that guy that walks by you and you stop and think dang. He’s that guy that looks super nice, really good-looking, and for some of us, we’re lucky enough to have been friends with him, which is a leg up for you, and then others, are hopelessly staring after him picturing their wedding days. That guy who everyone seems to know, and every other girl has a crush on as well.

2. The Cute Nerdy Kid

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He is that guy that you wouldn’t really expect to have a crush on. That really sweet, sorta shy, sometimes quirky kid who may sit in the very back or up stage front, doing his own thing. Normally the way it works with these guys is that they kind of sneak up on you. They sit there, getting good grades and being all nice, and when you turn over for one second and ask for help, bam!

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You are made a fool of by his kindness, quirkiness, and face it, cuteness. You stare for a second, wondering why you never took the time out to ever talk to this guy before, and there he is, being his little ol’ self. These are some of the best ones, I won’t lie, and sometimes, maybe the happiest crushes you’ll ever have, full of cute and awkwardness.

3. The Annoying Hot Guy

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He’s that one guy, normally a friend of a friend, a brother’s friend, the one that you didn’t really know beforehand that you suddenly get to know because when you say something, he’s the first one to make that snarky little comment back. He is the one that will have a sentence for every word you say, and will become your worst enemy until you realize he’s pretty cute, and then the next thing you know, you’re falling head over heels and you hate every second of it because he lives to get on your nerves, and he loves every second of it.

4. The Prince Charming

tumblr_m6ecu7TLib1rp62eq.gif (500×250)

Now, our dear Prince Charming is that one boy, that complete, total gentleman the simply sweeps you off your feet into your own world. He’s that guy that gives you that soft, sweet smile, and takes you to a whole other world with that charming personality. He’s the guy that somehow manages to fit your every characteristic for your perfect dude. He’s sweet, smart, and makes you feel like you’re the only girl in his entire world. He is perfection. You will find it despairingly hard to get out of a crush with this one, unless you’re like me and happen to have a fondness for the imperfect.

5. The Best Friend

This one. This boy is that one person who’s been by your side through thick and thin, he’s stuck with you through it all and he knows you inside in out. He was the one you went to when you needed to talk, that guy who would gladly say you look fat in a dress because he can and he knows you’d rather have the truth, the one who simply stand beside you, and knows you maybe better than you do. He’ll be that guy that’s always…there, and the when you suddenly look his way, like really look at him, your heart doesn’t beat the same way it would before, and you realize that he’s always been their for you. Even though these are the trickiest crushes, and we tend to avoid ever falling for cases like these, sometimes, they’re the ones that work out the best.

6. The Heartbreaker

When I say heartbreaker, I don’t exactly mean that playboy guy. The heartbreaker is that guy we may or may not ever fall in love with that really… really hurts us. It’ll be that crush or that relationship that truly, really did hurt you. It could have been because he was a jerk, a player, or for whatever reason. The heartbreaker is to just classify that one crush that hurt you, and some of us are lucky enough to never have to experience it, and at the same time, some of us aren’t, and we sit there, and we feel the pain of what could have been, what was, or what should have never been.

7. The Impossible


He is the man you will constantly fantasize about. He is the gorgeous, totally unattainable, Greek God that walks this earth for the sole purpose of making you stare after him and making yourself your own pile of drool. That dreamy, sweet and caring guy. He is the guy you can’t help but fantasize about, but half the time, you don’t even rally consider having a long standing relationship with him, you just really like him. And that’s the thing, he’s the kind of crush that you just really, really think is cute, nothing more than that.

8. The Sweetheart

I’d say this one can slide right in there with prince charming, but the sweetheart is a bit different. He’s that gentle, kind, adorable guy that makes you feel perfect. He’ll do whatever you ask simply because he loves you. He’ll bring you flowers, call and ask how your days was, write you those cheesy, sappy love letters. And even though people say nice guys finish last, he’s that one you can’t help but fall in love with because he’s so darn sweet, he makes a cavity right there in your heart.

9. The One

And last but not least, the one. Now, there’s no picture for this guy because let’s face it, even though their are hundreds and thousands of guys out there, all with different types, personalities, and little things that just make them different, there will be one guy that you are guaranteed to fall in love with. He is the one. He’ll be that guy you look at and stop, frozen for a moment because even if you don’t realize it, your heart does, and this guy, this guy is the one you want to spend your life with. And the thing is, you’ll have no idea what kind of a guy he’ll be. He may be cute and quirky, or suave and sassy, it doesn’t matter. Because he’s going to be the guy that you fall in love with. And that’s what matters.


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