A Deck of Swords

Reading the Oedipus Rex cycle, or the Sophacles trilogy, there were three questions I devised to ask myself about the book, one question for each section. And while I spent awhile thinking of ways to answer the questions, I figured I might as well do something I’m used to doing.

So I pulled out the three cards I thought best answered them.


My first question, “Should we suffer for the actions we did not commit?” was answered by the eight of swords. If you are unfamiliar with a tarot deck, there are four suites alongside the major arcana, one of the suites is swords. And the eight of swords is the one in the picture with the young woman blindfolded. This card represents a multitude of things, but for the question asked, it spoke of how often times, the actions we choose are made “blindly”, and we are not aware of what it is we have done until we face the swords baring towards our backs. So in a way, no, we do not always deserve to suffer, but we do, because decisions made blind lead to consequences unprepared.

The second, “Why do we fight battles against mirrors?” was mainly questioning why is it that we cause ourselves so much pain, why do we set ourselves up for these things. The five of swords, the middle card, answers that we cause discord amongst ourselves to strengthen our own death swords, and in its tarot card way, speaks of how we often harm ourselves because we are to blind to see the sword we hold pointed to our own chest.

My last and final question, “Can we escape our own fate?” was answered by the last card, the ten of swords. This card basically answers that yes, we can, and no, we cannot at the same time. Confusing, but when we think of what happened to Oedipus, doesn’t that card look fitting? Yes, if we fight, we may perhaps, escape a fate we are so blissfully unaware of, but in the end, struggling to fight against something we ourselves cannot touch, cannot harm, is merely stabbing swords into ourselves. No, we need not fight our fate or curse it, nor shall we follow blindly, but instead we will walk alongside it. Not behind, and not ahead, but beside, where no swords will stab you through the chest nor the back.



One comment on “A Deck of Swords

  1. tableflipper says:

    There was something about how you just used the tarot cards to answer the questions that really rung out with me. I loved your interpretations on all of these cards, but what I loved more was how you incorporated them in your answers.Although next time, if you’re going to use the tarot deck as your oracle, then it would be nice to put down a separate section on what the individual cards mean for you. I’m a fan of the “Persona” video game series which heavily incorporate the major arcana into the gameplay. Check that out if you’re interested.


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