Can we think about how cool it is to have a heart

And what I mean by this is let’s seriously take a moment and think about how amazing it is that we have a heart on the left side of our chest.

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We learn in science that the heart is a muscle that will forever beat until we die. It is an unstoppable force that refuses to quit under no circumstances to keep our body moving, all it asks is that we keep it healthy and avoid any pain. But then, that’s kind of hard, isn’t it? We’re taught our heart is a muscle, but we always talk about how our heart hurts, or how it aches in response to our emotions, when its not supposed to feel.

But it does. Or at least, I think so.

I’ve seen some videos lately about how we should appreciate the little things in life, and I think our hearts deserve a standing ovation because we wouldn’t be able to do that without it. The heart is what keeps us moving, and with it, we can feel too. And that brings me to the point that I said it’s amazing our heart is on the left side of our chest.

Because it smucking is.

j-m-smucker-guava-68590.jpg (200×200)

Every person is born for some unknown reason with our heart on the left side, and we’re just left with some weird, empty cavern on the right side of our chest like it got cheated out on some awesome deal at an arcade. But if all of our hearts are on the left, that means when someone faces you opposite, it’s on the right of you, isn’t it? And when you go in to hug someone, their heart fills up that space, and yours does the same. If you want to test it out, go get up and hug someone, right now.

Woah_hug_me_brodaa.gif (275×213)

I think our heart is on the left, and the reason why we don’t have two to fill it up, is because there’s someone meant to do it for us. We have that empty space because it’s meant to be filled. Our hearts already know what they’re doing before we even realize it. So when you feel that lonely feeling, your heart just wants a buddy, and all you have to do is hug someone to feel better. And when you find that special someone to give that hug too, you can feel their heart beating alongside yours, together, filling up that space we thought means nothing.

So heart, keep beating buddy, because we know you rock.


2 comments on “Can we think about how cool it is to have a heart

  1. Bradford Fuiava says:

    “because we know you rock.”? Really!?


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